Assess Property Condition & Curb Appeal from Listing Photos analyzes interior property photos and street views to quantify curb appeal and assess the physical condition of single-family homes and apartments. We trained computer vision algorithms on thousands of images of building facades, street views and interior photos to help automate feature detection in property condition reports, appraisals and MLS listings. QualityScore can be a powerful supplement for real estate data pipelines and automated valuation models (AVM). Banner

Objectively Assess Quality & Condition

The QualityScore algorithm has been trained on thousands of photos from listings and appraisals to objectively assess interior and exterior quality and condition. Our algorithm can assess hundreds of interior and exterior photos in a matter of seconds.

Detect Features & Amenities

QualityScore can extract features from images at scale to enrich data pipelines and improve models. We detect room types, amenities like stainless steel appliances and hardwood floors, and even things like vaulted ceilings and designer light fixtures.

Generate Alt-Image Text

Over 24% of Google Searches return images, but less than 20% of the millions of property photos uploaded every day have any alt-image text describing the images. QualityScore can automatically generate alt-text for images, improving both accessibility and SEO.


Property Condition Assessments

Real estate investors want to know the condition of a property before they buy, and loan servicers need to assess the condition of their portfolio every year. With the QualityScore API, you can instantly analyze interior and exterior photos to assess property condition as soon as you take a photo.


The market value of a property depends heavily on its condition, quality and amenities, but the way different appraisers and underwriters rate these factors can vary significantly. Our models automatically determine condition and quality, and can be used to fill in the features/amenities on appraisal reports – reducing the time it takes to complete an appraisal and improving consistency at the same time.

Real Estate Agents

Helping your clients pick the right home or investment property is difficult. provides an objective way to compare several properties in terms of condition and quality. It also showcases the tech-forward nature of your business.

Multiple Listing Services

Imagine being able to set up a search for your client based on the curb appeal of a home… how much time could brokers save for their clients? MLS’s can raise the bar for real estate agents and homeowners by integrating


What do I need to send the QualityScore API to get a score?

For an exterior score, we only need an address. For interiors, you can submit the URLs for each interior photo or we can use the Rent Source API to assess photos from the most recent listings available for an address.

How many images can be processed at once?

For an exterior score, we retrieve 3x 120° pictures for an address, that are then scored for a cost of 1 credit. For the interior score, you can send up to 30 image urls for the cost of a single credit.

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