Extract Data from Real Estate Documents with AI

AnyExtract.ai unlocks structured data from real estate documents including commercial leases, appraisals, offering memos, and loan documents. We combine OCR with machine learning algorithms and large language models like OpenAI so you can generate a lease abstract, pull comparable sales data from an appraisal, or summarize key loan terms from financing documents in minutes. Just send your documents to docs@hellodata.ai to try it out!

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Extract Real Estate Data

Leverage machine learning and AI to extract real estate data in seconds. Any Extract is perfect for real-time workflows, giving you transparent outputs with confidence scores and easily explainable results. And with only around 30 documents, the Hello Data team can easily add support for new document types.

Built Into Your Workflows

You don't have to hire a team to transcribe data from PDFs. HelloData engineers will help integrate the AnyExtract API directly into your Excel workbooks, Salesforce, Box or anywhere your team works. No one has time to learn another real estate technology product – save time and minimize disruption with AnyExtract.ai.

Bulk Data Extraction

AnyExtract.ai can be used to process documents in bulk and deliver structured data for your business intelligence and deal analysis efforts. With Any Extract you can clean and standardize your data from decades of offering memos (OMs), broker opinions of value (BOVs) and closing documents trapped in scanned PDFs and Excel files.


Commercial Lease Abstraction

AnyExtract.ai uses AI to extract data from both residential and commercial leases, and will generate a lease abstract in minutes. Our lease abstraction software uses the latest developments in OCR and generative AI to abstract leases quickly and accurately.


AnyExtract.ai extracts valuation data and sales comp tables from appraisals. Our system can recognize data in text, tables and images, and applies the most efficient algorithm for each data type. Integrate with our API to aggregate valuable appraisal data in Salesforce and auto-populate comps in your loan sizers.

Offering Memos

With the AnyExtract.ai API, you can unlock insights from years of previous real estate deals trapped in PDF offering memos, or accelerate the analysis of new deals you receive by extracting building and transaction information in real time. Our algorithm can extract property location, net operating income (NOI), asking price, cap rate, unit count, year built and more.


How accurate is the extraction algorithm?

With most real estate documents, the Any Extract API can achieve 95% accuracy with just 30 sample documents. It depends on the document type though. If the documents are fairly consistent, it will take fewer examples to train. If there is no rhyme or reason to the document formats, it will take more examples. In any case, Hello Data engineers will work with you to ensure accurate extraction, and we’ll tell you if a particular document type won’t work with the algorithm.

Are there any types of documents AnyExtract.ai isn’t good at?

Lengthy written documents with no tables or summary data generally aren’t a good fit for AnyExtract.ai. We focus on extracting things like deal summary data, comps, financial terms, etc. The algorithm makes sense of the relationships between fields to extract structured data, but we don’t attempt to understand or interpret the meaning of language in documents like contracts. That’s what attorneys are for!

What happens if it can't extract data from a document?

The AnyExtract API provides confidence scores for each field it extracts so you can determine which fields should be manually confirmed. If the confidence scores are too low to extract the data at all (very rare), the API will say this in the response, and the extracted values will be null. From there, clients usually send the documents to a human to review.

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