Transparent Revenue Management System that works with any Property Management Software

Liquid Rent is a transparent multifamily revenue management system that uses supply & demand data from property management software to recommend the price that will maximize rent for available apartment units and renewals. Models are generated per property, and allow users to test different price points and see the impact on applicant volume and renewal probability by floorplan. The team at Hello Data crafted the Liquid Rent API to work without an interface, so it can be used with any property management system. Banner

Transparent Pricing

Our price prediction algorithm analyzes applications, lease turnover, and rent trends by floor plan to explain the "why" behind every price recommendation.

Scenario Testing

With, you can input different rent levels and see the predicted impact on leads and renewal rates for each floorplan.

State-of-the-art Algorithms

Most multifamily revenue optimization products were built before the advent of robust artificial intelligence. Our model uses the same algorithms used by Google Ads to predict performance and medical researchers to sequence DNA.


Multifamily Property Managers

Get daily pricing that maximizes rent, occupancy and renewals based on your current showings, applications and leases. Use it independently or to complement existing revenue management systems.

Owners & Asset Managers

Test different price points and see how leads, occupancy and retention are impacted. Easily try different scenarios and optimize your plan for the property.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Advise clients on how their price decisions will affect occupancy and competitiveness in the market. Our transparent outputs help you provide more detailed advice.


What is a revenue management system?

A revenue management system analyzes a combination of historical pricing, supply and demand fluctuations, and inventory levels to predict demand and provide rent recommendations. A good revenue management system automates the process of setting prices and generate rates that maximize revenue and profitability.

How frequently is pricing updated?

We provide daily price recommendations. If the underlying data hasn’t changed (no new applications, leases signed or vacancies since the last update) we’ll still calculate daily pricing for every unit, but changes will likely be minimal.

Why do you price per building?

We charge a fixed price of $20/building per month because we price all of the units in a building simultaneously. We don't charge per unit per month because that unfairly increases the cost for larger properties.

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